Travelling has always been more than a hobby for me. There is nothing more inspiring to me than to pack my suitcase/backpack (ok, the packing itself is everything but inspiring…but I guess it’s part of the game) and head off to places I have never seen and to meet people I have never met. Come to think of it, travelling for me has a lot to do with meeting people: fellow travellers, locals, funny and weird ones...if you travel enough, you meet them all.

But let me get your expectations back down on earth right here and now: I am not one of those people that have already been everywhere…I have been to a few places and am looking forward to many more trips to come.
For me these pages are a way to re-live my past trips and to start planning some new ones. If this happens to be of help to any one also interested in travelling, so much the better.

If you intend to visit any of the places I have been to or plan to go to, if you are looking for information or simply want to share some, just drop me a line.
I am looking forward to hearing from you all.