The list of places I want to see is long. But I have learned that unless I focus on a few countries at a time, I get to go nowhere in the end. For now I am trying not to think of Peru and Argentina or of horse back riding through Alaska or Canada. Instead I am focusing on ...

… the Trans Mongolian Railroad. This trip will go from Moscow to Beijing via Lake Baikal - a place I have seen on photos and TV, a place that really seems magical to me.
This will most probably be an individual but organized trip. I have got a few friends that are interested in joining me on this adventure. To keep it simple I am thinking of booking the whole trip via a travel agent that is specializing in Russian train trips. This way we can be sure not to get stuck at some border due to misunderstood visa requirements.

going around the Black Sea … and to make this more interesting we are thinking of doing this by motor bike.
This will be a truly individual trip…we will pack out stuff, jump on our bikes and head off. Though we'll have to have a rough idea of where we want to go, we will let the road inspire us and see where it takes us. Of course, visa and vaccination does have to be planned well. Also, in some of the countries we will be visiting, it is better to know where to spend the night. So these things need to be kept in mind.

...going around the Adriatic Sea ... probably another trip by motor bike, planned as a kind of test run for the bigger Black Sea trip.