Time for a club holiday ... or not?

This time we have decided to do something we have never done before … book a club holiday. My partner and I have both started new jobs at the beginning of the year plus I have been struggling with a slipped disc for a few months so we decided to go for the most relaxed and easy way of travelling ... let others organize everything for us and to just enjoy the ride.

So much for the theory. In practice, we will never do it again! It is definitely not our style of travelling. The biggest let-down was our tour operator (African Safari Club). A big no-no for our next time in Kenya.

The country itself is really beautiful and interesting. Life is ... pole pole (slow) and hakuna matata (no problem). People are relaxed and very easy to talk to. We have spend some time on a short safari and the rest exploring Mombassa and the coast with a few days just hanging out at the hotel pool/going to the beach.