Why India?

Ever since I have read books like 'Kim' and 'A Passage to India' I felt that India must be a wonderful and exotic place. Also, I had never been to Asia before…so why not start in India? Nepal happend to be a great starting point for my trip through the North of India. Especially since I have been dreaming about visiting Kathmandu for years.

I think the most important experience that I took home is that unless you travel to some VERY remote place of India, it is not the country to "find yourself". On the contrary, especially larger cites are all about business and making money. Rupi, rupi is by far the word that I heard most on this trip. India, as I have experienced it, is crowded, hectic and dirty but in itself absolutely enchanting.

In other words, if you are out looking for your soul…go somewhere remote … may it be India or Africa or any other place you fancy. But if you are interested in experiencing a completely different culture, India is the place to be. It IS exotic and adventurous and everything that books say it is ... but be prepared that you will most probably at some point during your trip discover that some cultural differences are not that easy to bridge.