Its been a couple of months now that I have passed my motorbike exam. So far I have practiced a lot around home. The more I drive the more I want to go on a proper tour. We decided that some smaller mountains not too far away is perfect for a first trip. What comes to mind first, are the Ardennes in Belgium and the Eifel in Luxembourg and Germany. So this is where we are heading on a warm day in March.

The first part of the trip takes us down to the Belgium border ... just highway and my first little endurance test. My bike drives smoothly and we reach Valkenburg in no time. We have a short break here and continue after that further South. From here on we take smaller roads and driving gets a bit more interesting. The further we get the more adventurous we become. At some point we are completely off road. What great fun!
Even the regular roads are not that great around here. The Ardennes are definitely not too difficult and only rarely have serious hairpins. But when I do have to take them, more often then not, I have traffic coming the other way and thus have the choice between hitting a truck or staying on my lane but going through major pit holes in the curve. Not that much fun. On the other hand it's great practice.
At the end of the day we start looking for a place to stay and find a nice little hotel in Vielsalm. The owner is kind enough to let us use his garage. We freshen up a little and head for ... the hotel bar. We order a local beer and relax for a while. Later in the evening we have dinner at a little castle in Vielsalm.

The weather was constantly getting worse today and the weather forecast was not too good either so we were starting to wonder if we should continue going South the next day or better head back home. The owner of our hotel told us to keep on going because he knew the weather would clear the next day.

We decid to keep on going and enjoy the next day riding down into the Eifel. Luxembourg ia great riding ... perfect roads and some smooth curves and fuel that is half the price compared to home. Tonight we stay in Clervaux. Finding a hotel is a bit difficult and we end up in a strange place. After dropping our stuff in the room we go for a walk and have dinner at a fantastic sports bar. If we ever happen to pass here again, we will make sure to stop for food.

The next day we stay in the mountainous area as long as we can. But in the end we have to head home. Once back at the Dutch boarder we decid not to take the highway but to stay on smaller local roads. Boy, the last part drags on and I get pretty tired behind the wheel.

Both Danny and I enjoyed the trip tremendously and I am sure this hasn't been our last time in the Ardennes and the Eifel.

We didn't stop often to take photos. For some impression, pls click here.