Everyone nowadays is talking about budget flights and it seems as if the whole world spends more time on these flights than doing anything else anymore. We thought that it was about time for us to test them as well.

First things first, we had to find a destination. Both Danny as well as I have friends in Milan that we haven't seen in a while so we decided to go there for a long weekend.

Danny knows Milan a little; I on the other hand have never even been to Italy. The city is big but I still found it quite cosy. We spend a lot of time just walking around, stopping here and there for cappuccino, coffee and other delicious snacks.

Some highlights of the trip were the duomo, da Vinci's Last Supper and Italian ice cream and of course dinner with a good friend... Luciano: thanks a million :o)

For some impression, pls click here.
Unfortunately, I did not have a proper digital camera back then. Therefore, the quality of the photos is not that good.